What Should We Wear?

What Should We Wear?

One of the main questions we get asked is, “what should we wear?”

The truth is, there is no singular correct answer for this. As always we have learnt from not only our team of professional dancers who know all about packing a dance bag for a 10 hour sweat fest. But also our wonderful Hens who are highly imaginative when it comes to dressing for a Dance Party to Dance Club look.

We have put together a range of thoughts and solutions that might help you when you’re packing your Hen Party day/weekend bag. Some ideas if you wish to go bag-less altogether.

But before we dive into too greater detail and tell you all about our favourite trusty products and dancer secrets. Our general advice is this…

Wear clothes that you can move in, preferably not jeans and clothes you don’t mind getting a little damp with your energy juice. If you intend to remain in your thick denims all day and don’t want the hassle of carrying spare active wear that is fine. We’re not militant, this isn’t P.E and we won’t make you sit out. We just wouldn’t want you not to be able to dance to your fullest and enjoy your experience. Having said that, if you’d get more enjoyment from taking it easy in the back, remaining dry and not feeling your contour melt away. We’re happy as long as you are happy Kim K.

Furthermore, if you don’t want the hassle of carrying spare shoes all day and night or are prone to losing belongings. Dancing in bare feet is fine, as dancing in heels is an absolute no. Even Beyonce stacks it in heels and whilst nothing makes us laugh harder than a dancer kissing the studio floor, we don’t want any casualty trips on your Hen’s weekend. Plus, stilettos leave dance floors looking like the surface of the moon and weddings are already costly without having to pay for a dance studio to be resurfaced. So please take killer heels off before entering the studios, it would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, if possible we’d recommend a bag with a change of clothes and trainers. Because not only do we love to see our guests really smash their dance routines. We want you to get the most out of your class, feel those endorphins and brew some adrenalin ahead of your night.

If you have requested Strictly Come Dancing, Charleston, Burlesque, Belly Dance or a Bollywood Dance Party, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see some specific recommendations to help you bring suitable attire.

For the majority of our Pop Dance parties, like Beyonce, 90s, Hip Hop Swag, Twerking, DanceHall if fancy dress and costumes really aren’t your thing, the following guidelines on simple activewear/sportswear will help you pick a suitable outfit.
From analysing our parties and asking our teachers, we have identified the three main types of Dance Party Guest. Maybe you’re one. Maybe you’re a bit of all three. But hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration to help you prepare for your party.

1. “I don’t want to sweat and I don’t want to carry anything”
If you only want to carry a small purse or bag. Perhaps some dark leggings or stretchy trousers and floaty top/blouse would work. This way, all you need to do is remove your shoes and you’re good to go. If you’d prefer to at least keep your top clean for the night, a small or thin sports top might squeeze into a large purse or small bag.
If you don’t have any sportswear in your wardrobe and it’s unlikely you’ll be using it again (we’re not judging, we’re more wine than we are gym too), – a trip to your local high street and you can find some inexpensive leggings/vests/tops for under a tenner. Try Primark, Matalan, New Look, ASOS basics. Dark colours work best as they hide any awkward sweat patches. Voila. Dance to Club easy as 5 6 7 8.
Pic 2 - Dance Party Experience Teachers
2. “I’m no stranger to a racing heartbeat, I don’t do anything by halves and I want to be Royal Ballet ready by the end of the class”
For a dance class, our professionals would wear leggings/shorts and a sports top, with something easily removable over the top. This keeps you warm whilst you’re learning choreography, but you can whip it off Britney style for when you dance. Dancers recommend sweat wicking fabric. This is fabric that draws moisture to the surface instantly so it can evaporate quicker and keep you as dry as possible. Take a look at top Brands such as Lulu Lemon, Nike and Adidas.

3. “I want to look sexy cute and ready to pop my boot”
Online giants ASOS, Miss Guided & Forever 21 offer lots of fresh and funky designs that aren’t too damaging on the bank and their fabrics give lots of movement too. Fabletics, an awesome online active wear retailer offers designs with moisture wicking and chafe resistant fabric AND UPF factor if you’re prone to outdoor exercise. ASOS Marketplace, TK MAXX, Ebay and Rocket is where you’ll find some awesome retro sports chic treasures. Perfect for Twerking, Dance Hall, 80s, 90s, Flashdance and our Pop Dance Parties.

4. “Any excuse to wear a costume”
Some of you ladies love getting dressed up and we love you for it. Of course, you can wear whatever you wish to. We are happy as long as our Party Participants are happy. However, we can’t help but revel in the riot that costumes and accessories cause. Some of our most memorable parties are the parties that committed to a costume and we think this will make it memorable for you too.

Check out our MORE IS MORE blog – for all our advice and tips on how to costume your party with props and accessories.

Strictly Come Dancing & Charleston Dance Experiences – For Strictly Come Dancing and Charleston dance parties. We recommend a slight heel. If you don’t have a Ballroom-ish shoe, a simple kitten heel or court shoe will do the trick. And don’t stop there. This was the era of decadence. We encourage glamorous gowns, smoking hott dresses and fabulous flapper girl frocks! Check out Pinterest pages for more help…
Burlesque Dance Experience – a fabulous heel darling! Of course, you do need to be able to walk and dance in them, so nothing too ambitious. Dress your body in whatever makes you feel sassy and sexy. We want you to feel comfortable and confident.

Belly Dance Experience – as this Ancient dance is all about the hips and belly. You’ll get most benefit if you can see your beautiful, feminine curves. Leggings and vest tops are perfect so you can check your swirls and twirls in the mirror. Coin skirts are provided FREE of charge too. So you do have a little something to cover your bottom if you’re shy!

Bollywood Dance Experience – feel free to dress as we suggested above, in comfortable activewear. Free binds are provided to help complete your look. However, we do have a beautiful collection of Bollywood inspired costumes for you to hire. So, your party can dazzle bright like Bollywood stars. This is also particularly handy if you have a busy day of party activities. Hiring costumes means no buying and less baggage carrying for you! Get in contact with your Personal Event Manager for more information.

Dancers’ Top Tips For Class to Club:
Designated Bag – someone in your group brings a large bag. We all put our sweats and products in it. We take in turns carrying it and put it in the cloak room when we arrive at the club.
Don’t rush the change – your heart is still racing and changing rooms are humid. Allow your heart time to rest and your perspiring to stop.
Stand outside first – put on your baggies so your body temp doesn’t drop too fast. Allow the fresh air to cool you down.
Wet Wipes – carrying shower towels is annoying. Wet wipes are your best friend, include the arm pits and soles of your feet.
Mini Deodorants – they cost so little and fit practically everywhere.
Talc Powder – too absorb that moisture after class, obvs doesn’t work on dark clothes.
Dry Shampoo – can turn sweaty rat tails into presentable hair easy.
Swing by the Cosmetic shop – I always go and sample fragrance, concealer, bronzer and mascara if I’m heading straight out and don’t have my make-up bag.

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