Top 10 Alternative Nights to perform your Dance Party

Top 10 Alternative Nights to perform your Dance Party

​Here at Dance Party Experience we’re encountering two common questions;

  1. Can you offer a Dance Party Experience that isn’t so… `pink`?
  2. Now we have learnt a dance. Where can we go dance it?

    Credit where its due. These are very good questions indeed. We always try to reach out to people looking for an alternative to the cliché party. We also agree, that once you’ve learnt some new moves, you need somewhere to show them off. Sometimes, the local just doesn’t cut it.

    Well we endeavour to solve these two puzzles. We can tailor create a totally original Dance Party Experience and then give you some original and different Evening options to the norm. Complimenting your Dance Party and making your entire day, unique and different.

    Rest assured, all options have been tried, tested and approved by us. We know a thing or two (or ten) about parties ;-)

    No not Cineworld! The rise in cinema experiences is huge! If you tried to tell us you haven’t heard of at least one of the following, well we wouldn’t believe you. Not only that, they’re more often than not nostalgic cinema. We love a trip down memoir lane.

    If it’s a Musical-Movie Cinema Experience, chances are, we already offer a suitable Dance Party Experience. Footloose, Flashdance, Grease, Chicago, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing are all currently on our Musical Movie Dance Party Experience list.

    ROOFTOP/HOT-TUB/OUTDOOR CINEMA – do exactly what they say on the tin. Whether you’re on a plush roof-terrace, outdoors under a warm blanket or literally in a hot tub. These are the cinemas with a slight twist. What better way to watch a movie then under the stars, snug as a bug in a rug or chillaxing in bubbling water. Between them they have a catalogue of movies that even Netflix & Chill can’t compete with! These options can be found across the UK too, so give it a google and find one happening near your Dance Party Experience.

    For example, you’ve booked our Spice Girl Mash Up Dance Party Experience. This summer Rooftop Cinema aired SPICEWORLD The Movie! What’s the point in learning SPICE choreography if you have nowhere to dance it? Once you’ve learnt their iconic routines in your Spice Girls Mash Up Dance Party Experience, join in with the Spices on the silver screen at a SPICEWORLD Movie Cinematic event.
    SECRET CINEMA is a live cinema experience combining a film screening with live immersive theatre, huge sets, actors, cameo appearances and the audience in full costume. The theme and locations are often kept secret (hence the name) until last minute, well maybe last month. The point is, the excitement and buzz that builds around these events is gargantuan.

    In the words of Footloose, “Dancing is not a crime!” At these events, you are frowned upon if you don’t join the cast and dance. Make sure you’re not the ones being left to sit down at the disco. If there’s dancing involved at the Secret Cinema, book with us and be in the know!

    We hate to gloat. But our Dirty Dancing Dance Party Teacher Matt was cast as Johnny Castle at this Summer’s Secret Cinema presents Dirty Dancing. The ladies that secured Matt for their Dirty Dancing Dance Party, literally got taught by Johnny Castle, we hear some even got a dance with Johnny at Secret Cinema. So make sure you don’t have spaghetti arms and pay attention in class.
    SING-A-LONG CINEMA – because who really can keep quiet that long! Plus, movie soundtracks are the best! How can we not belt until we implode?

    Now you’ve learnt the dance and warmed up your vocals at your Dance Party Experience. Head down to SING-A-LONG Cinema and SING the movie. It’s a scream! Literally. Plus, it’s another venue where sitting down is for bores. So “rouge your knees and roll your stockings down” and show off all that you’ve learnt at your Dance Party and All That Jazz.

    Even if the Cinema Experience isn’t a dance movie, don’t fret. At Dance Party Experience, we pride ourselves on being able to produce a Dance Experience based on any theme. Future cinema will transport you to a different world and completely immerse you in the movie. We can do the same.

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Book a bespoke Jessica Rabbit Burlesque Dance Experience with us​ and learn how to be the ultimate seductress. The Godfather? Begin with our 50s Dance Experience to set the mood. Star Wars? Strike back with a bespoke Jedi Knight Dance Experience​, ‘may the moves be with you’.​

    Whatever the time period or tone of any of these cinema experiences, we can create a Dance Party just for you. Either use your Cinema Experience to compliment your Dance Party Experience, or once you’ve learn your routine, get up and dance it.

    For those of you that can’t even keep still let alone keep quiet during a movie. There are heaps of awesome club nights that are specifically designed to take you to another time. A time where Apple Mac DJs don’t even exist!

    ULTIMATE POWER is exactly that. Ultimate Power Ballads all night long, because everyone can belt like Bon Jovi after a few pints. The good news about this night, it isn’t a London thing. Now that is power. Acapella sing a longs and ruptures of excitement when clubbers hear another rock anthem. Ultimate Power has been compared to church! A congregation over joyed by music and singing with every last breath. So if you fancy escaping to this legendary Rock/Pop era, book yourselves a GLAM ROCK Dance Party Experience, choose our mash up of– Motley Crue ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, Def Leppard ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ & Jon Bon Jovi ‘Livin On A Prayer’.

    We’ll warm up your necks and shoulders before a night of head banging, air guitaring and impromptu synchronised dancing. Because Flashmobs are flashtastic.

    Or choose our bespoke package, you name the song and we’ll choreograph a dance for you. Like “poison, poison running through your veins”, once you’ve learnt your dance, you’ll be itching to unleash your ultimate power dancing.

    Furthermore, we offer super fun inflatable Guitar props for our Glamrock Dance Party Experience and we’ll even let you take them with you! So you can strum that air filled rubber and rock on all night!
    CARWASH is a classic disco night. A fabulous night of 70s & 80s soul, funk and disco for people who remember the tunes the first time round and everyone else who loves a boogie. The best thing about the DISCO era, even the sad songs sound happy. So break my heart and give me a mirror ball, glitter never goes out of fashion. Gloria Gaynor, BeeGees, Donna Summer, ABBA, Sister Sledge, Nial Rodgers an endless list to choose from. We’re devastated we never got to go to Studio 54. So let us create it for you. Book a DISCO Dance Party Experience, shimmy to our Abba or shake to our Saturday Night Fever Dance Parties and ride that Soul Train. For less glitter and more funky 80s thrust, book your Whitney, Madonna or Flashdance Dance Parties for some sexy lycra awakening.
    SHAKE RATTLE AND BOWL is London’s finest retro clubnight playing 50s rock ‘n’ roll, 60s northern soul, motown, freakbeat, garage rock and ska. You might have guessed, it’s hosted at a Bowling Alley! STRIKE!
    If you fancy some real rock rhythm, let us teach you some classic swing dance and some soulful foot shuffles in our Strictly Dance Party Experience to really rock the night away. Whether it’s our sassy Christina Aguilera Candyman Dance Party Experience or our Lindy Hop and Jiving Dance Parties, if post war nostalgia is what you’re going for, “WE CAN DO IT” – if you fancy a bit more swing for your buck, our Austin Powers, Hairspray or Swinging Blue Jeans Dance Party Experiences we will have you rattling’n’a’rolling. Once your Dance Party is over there’s only one place to take these moves… SHAKE RATTLE and BOWL.
    LITTLE NAN’S RIO BAR is THE most exciting pop up of 2016, beating Marshmallow man at Waterloo. Popping up in Peckham and Dalston, Nan’s bar hosts a wonderful nostalgic mix of Tea pot cocktails, 90s jams, movie memorabilia, pic’n’mix, cinema popcorn and kitsch décor. They even do personalised cocktails for celebrative occasions. What better way to drink away the single life than necking a cocktail named after ya! We have MANY 90s poptastic Dance Parties, from Spice Girls to TLC, Backstreet to Take That. This really is the place to come exercise your `running man` but run fast because pop ups don’t wait around.
    London is the home of innovative Cabaret and there is a new type of dining. Circus dining.

    Book your Circus/Cabaret themed Dance Party and then literally be amazed and dazzled by some of the most skilled talent in Europe, quite literally whilst you’re eating your grub. If you want all eyes on you in the centre of the ring Britney’s Circus will have you cracking your whip. If you’re after something a little more sultry, Show Me How You Burlesque Dance Party Experience will teach you how to command that male gaze. After your master class in owning the stage there are two in demand Circus-as-you-dine spots to hit…

    CIRCUS, Covent Garden and AERONAUT Acton are the hottest seats in London. Both featuring artists from all the biggest cabaret shows in town. It’s essentially 2 birds one stone. Don’t rush dinner to see a show. But be entertained as you devour. Both spaces are intimate and bring the action right to your, well, dinner plate! Book one of our themed Dance Party Experiences followed by one of these two makes for a complete cost effective package. Activity, Food, Entertainment CHECK!
    Private Karaoke booths are an excellent way of being out out, whilst maintaining a bit of intimacy and privacy. The best thing about Karaoke booths is they are essentially juke boxes. You choose the playlist and they cover all eras.

    OUR TOP PARTY TIP: Check the Karaoke bar has the Hen/Stag/Birthday person’s favourite song(s). Book a Dance Party Experience requesting the same song. You learn some awesome dance choreography, you go to your Karaoke booth, they sing their song and their party dance. Make your special person feel like a Star for the night!

    Hopefully now we have given you a whole spectrum of alternative and unique suggestions and ideas. For a complete list of the Dance Parties available to you, please click here. If you already have your evening planned and want to find the right Dance Party Experiment to compliment and start the day, please contact us here and speak with one of our Personal Event Managers who will endeavour to create the perfect party for you and your pals.

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