Less is more… MORE is MORE!!

Glammy GlitterBox Bride Hats

Less is more… MORE is MORE!!

Now you have your DancePartyExperience​ booked​ for your Hen Party, Birthday Party or Team Building Activity. There is one absolute must that needs to be considered, discussed, planned and executed with the highest commitment. Your dance party accessories!

This needs to be the party of your Bride-to-be, Birthday person or teams life! We encourage you to think outside of the fancy dress box, be creative and revolutionary with your accessories and props. Nothing makes us giggle more on a Monday morning than seeing the photos from our weekend parties. So please, be the party to make our Monday!

Firstly, we have a whole wardrobe of FREE themed accessories to make your occasion extra special. From flashing light rings for our Beyonce babes, poptastic ‘In Your Dreams’ face gems, free to use black Gatsby gloves or swing back to the iconic Dirty Dancing movie with our free to use flower garlands. We encourage you to bring your own dress up pieces too! More is more :) 

Micheal Jackson Thriller Jacket, Glove and Wig – Our ever popular Michael Jackson Dance Party Experience comes complete with our free to use King of Pop’s Thriller jacket. Not the actual one of course. But a pretty sharp replica. An MJ wig if you wanna embrace the 90s spring curls and legendary MJ glove. You’d be a smooth criminal to dance Michael Jackson choreography without it.

Long Black Gloves – We have ​free to use long sensual black gloves for your whole party, if you’d prefer something a little sultrier and seductive that all your girlies can enjoy. They’re also extremely versatile and can feature with our Burlesque Dance Party Experience, Charleston Dance Party Experience or our Madonna Dance Party Experience. They’ll bring out the minx in you.

Flashing Light Up Rings – Need help getting Beyonce’d? ‘If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it‘, your Beyonce Dance Party Experience includes flashing light rings for our Beyonce babes. A FREE gift, you get to keep!



Poptastic face gems – Your 90s and Noughties Dance Experience, 80’s Dance Experience or our Strictly Come Dancing Experience includes FREE ‘In Your Dreams’ face gems, a gift you all get to keep! We have sistered up with ‘In Your Dreams’, the super spectacular make up artists behind all the top trending festival looks, to turn you into the ultimate mega babe.

Flower Garlands – Swing back to the iconic Dirty Dancing movie with our FREE to use flower garlands to perfect your Kellerman’s Talent Show looks, “hula hana, of Kamana Whala Hula Bay?”.

Flower Crown – To give your special lady the real Royal treatment. Your bride-to-be or Birthday person will receive a FREE Flower Crown to make her feel like the Queen she is with our #exclusive Male Instructor Dance Package. Her dashing Prince…I mean Dance Teacher ;) will glide over to her, twirl her under his arm and deliver her a Dance Party Experience flower-coronation-crowning-ceremony like no other.

Dance Party Experience’s Top Trending Party Accessories
Are you looking for stylish, modern party accessories? We have rummaged every corner of the web and collated the top trending party accessories just for you, voted by our followers.


Bride Crowns –  You can never have enough sparkle! Check out these beautiful #bride-to-be hats by Glammy Glitter. Perfect accessory for the Queen of your party. #Bridehat goals!

Balloons – We’ve been championing balloons all year and thrilled to see more of our dance parties bringing these blow up treats to the dance studio! Check out Bubble Gum Balloons for some truly awesome balloon buys ;)

Shimmer For Prosecco – The littlest touches make a BIG difference. Dress up your fizz with some candy floss and prosecco shimmer dust by Popaball. Perfect treat for your tribe.

LISTEN UP! Ears! – Bear with us! There are a whole zoo of ears to play with smashing the sexy-cutesie look. Classic Playboy bunny, the black cat, leopard print? You can even get Disney’s most famous wifey Minnie-Mouse. Our favourite’s are these rather chic, stylish and totally unique floral-chained ears by our favourite hair accessory brand Crown and Glory.

Face Gems & Glitter – Glitter is a girl’s best friend. If you’re not sweating glitter, you’re not wearing enough! ;) That’s why we had to sister up with ‘In Your Dreams’, the super spectacular make up artists behind all the top trending festival looks, to bring you a truly unique and luxury Face Gems & Glitter Makeover Dance Package. Check our girl @rowisinngh! We can’t get enough of her cosmic look :)

Make your own Ts – We love these Girl Power tees worn by our Spice Girl wannabe’s :) Remember when planning, personal is best. What’s your bride-to-be’s favourite girl band or quote?

So please, it’s these personal touches which really make the day special. Follow us on Pinterest for FREE party ideas, advice and inspiration. Lest we forget, don’t run before you can walk. If you’re still curious or unsure what is suitable to wear your Dance Party – have a gander through our WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR blog – recommendations on dance clothing from our professional dance party teachers ;-) Remember, more is more.

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