Less is More? MORE is More!

Less is More? MORE is More!

Now you have your Dance Party Experience​ booked​ for your Hen party. There is one absolute must that needs to be considered, discussed, planned and executed with the highest commitment. Your hen party props and accessories!

​No we’re not talking willy straws and inflatable naked men. This needs to be the party of your Bride’s life! Don’t get us wrong, we love smutty humour, especially after a bottle of Prossexy. But we encourage you to think outside of the fancy dress box, be creative and revolutionary with your accessories and props. Nothing makes us giggle more on a Monday Morning than seeing the photos from our weekend parties. So please, be the party to make our Monday!

Fir​stly, we have a whole wardrobe of goodies and like any good girlfriend – you can beg, steal and borrow anything. These are all FREE of charge on request cause we’re nice like that.

1. Micheal Jackson Thriller Jacket, Glove and Wig – Our ever popular Michael Jackson Dance Party comes complete with the King of Pop’s Thriller Jacket. Not the actual one of course. But a pretty sharp replica. An MJ wig if you wanna embrace the 90s spring curls and legendary Jacko glove. You’d be a smooth criminal to dance Michael Jackson choreography without it.IMG_8587 (1)
2. Long Black Gloves – We also have ​long sensual black gloves for your whole party, if you’d prefer something a little sultrier and seductive that all the Hens can enjoy. They’re also extremely versatile and can feature with our Burlesque Dance Party, Charleston Dance Party or our 80’s Madonna Dance Party. They’ll bring out the Minx in you.
3. Flashing Light Up Rings – who needs an 18 carat diamond when you have Blackpool lights on your finger. An obvious choice for our Single Ladies Dance Party – if he liked it then he should have put a DISCO RING on it! You can even take these away with you.

4. Face-gems – the 90s saw the rise of the spiritual east in pop culture. Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Christina all enjoyed some facial Bindi decoration. For your ​Pop Icon Party, Face gems instantly turn you into a Hip-90s-Megababe.​(Photo Credit: Rowisingh)

5. Hawaiian Flower Garlands – Swing back to the iconic Dirty Dancing Luau party with our FREE to use Hawaiian flower garlands.

Top Trending Hen Accessories
If you’re looking at making some purchases so you can parade your props and accessories from dusk till dawn. We have done some research for you. According to Social Media the top trending Hen accessories are:

The ever elegant, Flower Crown. This is not only a Hen party treat but a Spring Summer must. Nothing else screams Sunny Funny times like a garden in your barnet. Even after the Hen party, you can sport your flowery tiara to festivals and summer parties, like a walking lady garden.
LISTEN UP! Ears! – bear with us! There are a whole Zoo of ears to play with smashing the sexy-cutesie look. Classic Playboy Bunny, the Black Cat, Leopard print? You can even get Disney’s most famous wifey Minnie-Mouse. Our favourite’s are these rather chic, stylish and totally unique floral-chained ears by our favourite hair accessory brand Crown and Glory.
Glitter – A wise man once said “all that is gold, does not glitter” erm yeah we know, because GLITTER GLITTERS! Humans’ fascination with things that shine apparently dates back to when we believed shiney objects had powers! Well, drench us in glitter and call me a Goddess, glitter is a girl’s best friend. If you’re not sweating glitter, you’re not wearing enough!(Photo Credit: SparklePigGlitter)

Whether it’s a Britney Dance Party, Madonna Dance Party, 90s Girl Band or Boy Band Party. We have seen a whole V&A Exhibition of iconic costumes. Which Britney are you? The School Girl? Red PVC cat suit? Slave 4 u chiffon skirt? The Toxic Air Hostess? The original teen sensation spoils you for choice. Likewise, a Madonna party has apt amount of costume. Black floaty Frozen, slick chic Vogue, Hanky Panky blonde switch, Gautier Cone Bra. We dare you to look like a Stars in Their Eyes finalist.

As always, we learn from you, our hens. Below are some of the favourite looks that have graced our parties…

Masks – Of course, it doesn’t have to be impersonations and costumes. Often our Hens want to go straight from the party to the club. The easiest method of achieving a fun transformation without the excess baggage… Masks! They don’t cost as much as clothing and are disposable at the end of the party. We’ve seen them all too! Masks of the Bride, Groom, ​Beyonce! Just remember to give yourself plenty of blow holes so you can breathe whilst you dance.
Henna – Another totally baggage free way of unifying is by branding yourselves. Yes literally, temporary tattoos and hennas provide a wonderful finishing touch for the Hen Party. Fancy dress and extravagant pieces aren’t always welcomed in some bars and clubs. These are subtle and discrete.(Photo Credit: Rowisingh)

Make your own Ts – sounds very Ryanair to Magaluf but again you can get creative. We loved this idea of taking the Bride’s favourite movie quote and giving it a twerking Dance Party Twist. “you can’t twerk with us” – remember when planning, personal is best. What’s your Bride’s favourite quote or lyric?
So please, it’s these tiny touches which really make the day special. Follow us on Pinterest for our favourite looks/ideas and inspiration. Lest we forget, don’t run before you can walk. If you’re still curious or unsure what is suitable to wear your Dance Party – have a gander through our WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR blog – recommendations on dance clothing from our Pros ;-) Remember, more is more.

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