So why do we love B?

So why do we love B?

B, Bey, Queen B, Sasha Fierce, Yoncé, Mrs Carter. Only superhuman goddess Beyoncé is entitled to… well, so many titles. With over 118 million record sales and 20 Grammy Awards, it’s fair to say Beyoncé is one of the greatest artists on our planet. That’s why we have to offer the Beyoncé Dance Party Experience. Read on for FREE Beyonce hen party ideas & inspiration from our team of Dance Party Experience Specialists.

So why we love B?

1. WEAVE – Should you decide upon the Beyonce Dance Experience, we want to see big, ferocious, fierce hair. Once you have your weave teased, it’s time to head-whip-hair-flip and learn some of that Bee hair-ography. Yes it’s a word!

Beyonce weave - Hen Party Ideas

2. BOOTYLICIOUS – I mean; she even wrote a song about it. Not only is she Pop royalty. She’s the Patron Saint of Curves. We worship anyone who celebrates our bodies, now where’s the cake?

Beyonce Hen Party

3. FEMINISM – She’s a self-proclaimed modern feminist. Continuously campaigning for female empowerment. Seriously, maybe she actually is a Saint? It doesn’t even bother us how perfect she is!

Bey Feminist performance

4. HEELS – Pre-fame, Beyonce and the girls went jogging in heels. JOGGING!!! But it paid off. Queen Bey could win a triathlon in a 6 inch. We don’t recommend it unless you’re a pro, but for the ultimate Beyonce dance class, whack a heel on.

5. COSTUMES – I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it before, WE LOVE DRESSING UP! Check out some affordable costume Beyonce Hen party ideas below ;) What better way to celebrate our curves than some sassy costumes to show off our lady lumps. Think big costume accessories, sexy skimpy leotards or ghetto-fabulous combats. Need help getting Beyonce’d? ‘If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it‘ to make the occasion extra special, your Beyonce themed Hen party includes flashing light rings for all our Beyonce babes. A FREE gift that you get to keep!

Costume & accessory Hen party ideas

6. SASHA FIERCE – Beyonce once said, to help her bring her presence and beastess style to the stage, she calls upon her alter ego Sasha Fierce to help her deliver spectacular performances. Harness your WEAVE, BOOTYLICIOUS, FEMINISM, HEELS AND COSTUME skills and summon your inner Sasha Fierce.

Now it’s time to throw your bride-to-be a Hen party to remember. Let’s not pretend it’s all her. Now “All the single ladies put your hands up” please, this is a party for the single gals too! Within your Singles Ladies dance routine, you will learn samples of that iconic sharp, slick B choreography as featured from the music video. Kanye labelled it “The Greatest Video of All Time” we agree Kanye. Though, we’re not sure Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for winning the award for Best Female was the moment to declare it. Time and a place Kanye!

Beyonce Single Ladies Hen party
Exclusive Music Mashups

Or, if you’re all a fem-force to be reckoned with, opt for one of our femme-fatale exclusive Beyonce music mashups, we’ve created just for you. Either, “Single Ladies, Run The World & Crazy In Love”, “Formation, Single Ladies & Run The World” or “Formation, Run The World & Crazy In Love”. Beyoncé explains how she wanted to release music that gives women strength. So use this Beyonce dance class to feel empowered before your evening celebrations and get full credit from your bride tribe for booking the very best Beyonce Hen party idea #winning

Professional Teachers

You will be taught by a super fun and friendly professional dance teacher in your own private dance studio. We don’t mean to brag, but our top professional dance teachers have danced with Queen Bey herself, Rihanna, Little Mix, Major Lazer, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato the list goes on…We told you our teachers have danced with the best. Who better to teach you a Beyonce Hen party than dancers who have supported these A-list megastars on the biggest stages and award ceremonies on the planet.

What To Expect

Your Beyonce choreography is designed for all ages, abilities and genders, no dance experience needed!  You’ll complete a fun mega mix warm up, before learning the full choreographed Beyonce dance routine, step by step, at the groups pace. They’ll be plenty of photo and video opportunities to capture, remember and post. Plus, you can perform the complete routine whenever you wish, even at the wedding ;)

Hen Party in London

Here at Dance Party Experience, we take a personal approach to every booking as we understand that a Hen party is one of the biggest days in a girl’s life and it is up to us to deliver her special moment perfectly. Remember, just like Queen B on a world tour, your Hen Party can be delivered in numerous locations – London, Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Maidstone, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton. If you can’t see your desired party location, please get in contact and we will endeavour to bring the party to YOU!

So if you are looking for the freshest top trending, exclusive and fun Beyonce Hen Party ideas, book this booty bouncing, head whipping Beyonce Hen dance class. Hurry! Our teachers are the best of the best and are in high demand.

Let our team of Dance Specialists make your Beyonce Hen party, the party she’ll never forget! Enquire Now


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