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You always knew this day would come and you’ve dreamt about it your whole life. You’ve been asked to be Maid of Honour. But now the initial excitement is over, you’re worrying about organising the biggest party in your girls life. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled our top Hen party planning tips to ensure you plan a successful and memorable (for the right reasons) Hen do. 

Here at Dance Party Experience we understand that a Hen do is one of the biggest days in a girl’s life and it is up to us to deliver their special moment perfectly. We’ve hosted over 1000 dance parties and have met every type of bride-to-be so you’re guaranteed a fabulous party that will exceed expectations – plus we do all the hard work for you. Let our team of Dance Specialists make your hen party, the party you’ll never forget!


First thing’s first: talk to your bride-to-be! Even if she wants a surprise, you can’t afford (literally, hen parties can be costly) for this party to be anything less than amazing, ask her questions and provoke reactions. Where does the bride-to-be want to go? Somewhere local and accessible for the majority? Or a weekend away? Whether it’s local, across country or abroad, does she want Hen activities and dining? Or sun worshipping and club carnage? Even if she begins with a reluctant “I don’t mind, I trust you”, you know you don’t trust yourself! Ask questions that provoke a reaction. “So skiing and polar bear taxidermy?” NO! Boom, we’re getting closer to what she does want.


Another important Hen party planning tip is to ask your bride-to-be early on is who to invite? This is often the moment where often the initial plans begin to change. In your head you were imagining cocktails in a jacuzzi in Marbella. But the reality is, the Groom’s mum and sister don’t drink and Auntie May is afraid to fly. Be open to the possibility of having two Hen do’s, one slightly more family friendly and one a lot more feral ;-)


Picking a Hen party activity that is suitable for all invitees is important. Deciding upon one that suits your uni friends and one that suits your religious family can cause a divide. Or if everyone does both, costly. Maybe we’re bias, but a Hen party dance class  is suited for all ages, abilities and genders, no dance experience is needed. Nothing gets all your best peeps better acquainted than some bootie bounces and shimmy shakes. Even the shyest will be head whipping and screaming laughing by the end of your Dance Party Experience.

Dirty Dancing Hen party dance class with Dance Party Experience

Not to mention a Hen party dance class is active; releasing endorphins, creating happiness and burning some of the calories you’re probably going to be drinking later in the evening. Not to mention, you’ve all learnt some killer dance moves for the wedding reception. Flash mob anyone?


Budgets are the most challenging conversation. You may think you know the whole party’s individual bank balances. But you can’t be sure of personal situations. Ask the bride-to-be what she feels is a reasonable budget from the guests and give the invitees as much notice as possible so they have time to save and budget.

At Dance Party Experience we offer an incredible cost effective experience for all. Whether it’s an addition to an action packed weekend in London. Or the budget option for those not going to Celine in Vegas and staying at home. With prices from £19pp, the numbers don’t lie. We are proud to be the affordable option for everyone.


The good news is whether your party is in your local town or a major city escape. We can most definitely bring the Hen party dance class to you. Our full list of locations can be found here – DPE locations and include all major towns and cities in the UK. If you can’t see your location, do still get in touch and we will endeavour to deliver the Dance Party Experience wherever you desire.


We get it. Her billionaire mate flew the girls off by chartered jet to Dubai. They drank Moet & Chandon cocktails and stayed on The Palm. But the best things in life are free. The way to win at Hen Party planning is in the finer details. Make it personal. What are her favourite things? Her favourite cocktails, what’s her getting ready playlist? Sentiment is invaluable. Maybe ask the guests to bring their favourite photo of them and the bride-to-be, or write down their favourite memory. It will be great to share bride tales and become better acquainted.

When we are helping our hens plan their dance parties. We always ask, “What’s her favourite nostalgic movie?”, “Who were her favourite pop bands?”, “What song does she go wild for in the clubs?” – creating a Hen party dance class around this theme will make it unique, personal and she will be touched so much thought was given. Not to mention super fun for all! We welcome bespoke requests and love delivering original parties. So whether it’s PJ and Duncan or Mr Blobby. Bring on the challenge.


You’ve decided on a Hen party dance class but the bride-to-be was kinda hoping for some cheekiness. Our Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Package provides exactly that. A hunk in just an apron serving you some merriment is the perfect addition. Making a family friendly party become something a tad more saucy ;-)

Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience with Dance Party Experience

Sten and Hag parties are becoming more popular. With the legalisation of LGBT Marriage (finally) and many more couples sharing friends, mixed gender parties are the rage! We love them too and welcome them all the same. We can’t help but notice men and women bring out the best in each other while on the dance floor. Girls dancing like guys. Guys dancing like girls. Screw gender norms, dance how you wanna dance. That’s why we had to create a LGBT+ Dance Experience page for our LGBT+ community.

  • Give the invitees as much notice as possible to give them chance to budget and book time off work
  • Don’t plan the Hen do too close to the Wedding – the bank balance doesn’t take such a hit at once
  • Don’t plan the party the night before! A bride-to-be with tired eyes does not a good photo make
  • If it’s a large party with plenty planned – delegate some responsibly to the other bridesmaids
  • Limit the contact to only absolutely necessary emails. If it isn’t crucial, save it for a monthly update
  • Produce a document with all vital info. Lost hens without phone battery causes mass hysteria
  • If you’re travelling abroad, check passport expiry as some countries require a min of 6months validation
  • Research online tourist resources, absolute MUSTS and places to avoid
  • Pace the alcohol – Geordie Shore antics are only funny on MTV, not when it’s us
  • Don’t be too militant and bossy, relaxed fun with downtime is best to keep a calm environment
  • SMILE & KEEP A RECORD – photos, videos – these will be memories you will cherish forever

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