What’s your favourite classic Dance Movie?

What’s your favourite classic Dance Movie?

Stuck for a theme for your Dance Party Experience?

Opt for an iconic Dance Movie theme and transport yourself to another world. A world where music is Oxygen and dance is sunlight, WHAT A FEELING! Your 1 – 1 and a half hour Dance Movie Party Session will include: private dance studio, professional choreographer, mega mix warm-up, themed dance routine, photo opportunities and some fun accessories upon request.

Dance Movies have proved to be an audience hit, decade after decade. No matter what the genre/era/cast/story they are the ultimate feel good film.

The Top 5 Reasons why we all love dance movies:

1. MUSIC – to have great dance scenes, you need great tracks to dance to. Most soundtracks are just as popular as the movies themselves. You can always guarantee a smooth jam, a power ballad and high energy hit the dance floor number.

Have a look at just some of the Mash Ups and tracks we offer….

Flashdance Mash Up – What A Feeling and Maniac
Dirty Dancing Mash Up – Stay, Do You Love Me and Time Of Your Life
Musical Mash Up – Flashdance, Grease and Dirty Dancing
Grease Mash Up – You’re The One That I Want, Grease lighting and Hand Jive
Mamma Mia Mash Up – Mamma Mia, Waterloo and Dancing Queen
Saturday Night Fever Mash Up – Night Fever, Tragedy and You Should Be Dancing
Hairspray – You Can’t Stop The Beat
Burlesque – Show Me How You Burlesque
Fame – Fame
Chicago – All that Jazz

2. HUNK – Patrick Swayze, John Travolta, Kevin Bacon, Channing Tatum. As if being drop dead gorgeous and saving the damsel wasn’t enough… he can dance too! Cue our Strictly Come Dancing fantasy. Good news is Hunks don’t just belong on the silver screen, you can have your own stud and enjoy a Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Experience, plus the Hen gets a special dance moment with her man.

3. COSTUME – whether it’s 50s prom dresses, 70s Disco sparkles, 80s leggings or an MTV video queen look. The fashion in these features reads like a `history of the dancing queen` – plus we’ve always wanted to feel like Tina Sparkle.

4. DANCING – these movies have graced us with the most iconic choreography in cinema. Tony Romero’s Night Fever points, Johnny Castle on a water log, Alex Owen splashing herself with water or a whole school dancing on a yellow Taxi… recreate some of those magical Hollywood moments with us.

5. FEEL GOOD FINALE – just like a West-End musical, every Dance movie ends on a high energy, spectacular, show-stopping crescendo where dance saves the day (if only we could solve our own problems with a dance).

Well, as luck would have it, you kinda can… save yourself your party planning problems and allow us to plan your Dance Party Experience. Your Personal Event Manager can eradicate all of your stress and dance your troubles away.

You can make your party personal by choosing your Hen’s or Birthday Person’s favourite Dance Movie.

“Nobody puts baby in the corner”, you’re not wrong there Jonny. We the Dance Party Experience, don’t want to see anyone in the corners. Our dance parties are designed for all levels. Whether you’re a Cha-Cha, the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s (with the worst reputation), or The Inbetweeners in Malia. We want you to cut footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes and show us some of that Night Fever.

Have the `Time Of Your Life` with the Dirty Dancing Experience. In the wise words of Kellerman’s Dance Instructor Penny, “come on, ladies. God wouldn’t have given you maracas if he didn’t want you to shake ’em.” Penny sounds like our kind of gal. Your Dance Party music mash-up will include iconic Dirty Dancing tracks like “Stay”, “Do You Love Me” and “Time Of My Life”. As always, your Party will be led by one of our professional choreographers who will work their magic on your spaghetti arms. If you like… we can even supply Watermelon, if you don’t mind carrying them that is! What kind of girl are you? The clean Houseman sisters? Or the night owls of the after hour parties. Show us your favourite looks from the movie.

GREASE is one of the biggest grossing musicals of all time (tell us about it studs), it has groove it has feeling and so do we. Your GREASE Dance Party Experience will feature Grease dances, iconic moves from scenes like “Youre The One That I Want” and a mash-up of our favourite Grease hits, “You’re The One That I Want”, “Grease Lighting” and “Hand Jive” – Get yourselves kitted in the Pink Lady or T-Bird uniform, you were born to hand-jive baby. Or maybe you’re too pure to be pink? 50s Rydell High looks are welcomed! Peachy keen, jellybean! Your Grease Dance Party Experience is sure to be ELECTRIFYIN’.

It’s rumoured that Danny Zuko himself has made appearances. Discuss with your Personal Event Manager for cameo options.

What’s your favourite classic Dance Movie? Saturday Night Fever, “would you watch the hair” or maybe Flashdance? Any excuse for 80s leotard and ankle warmers right? For extra 80s neon leg warmers talk with your Personal Events Manager, whatever your theme, we can discuss additional props to help complete your day.

You literally “can’t stop the beat” with our Hairspray Dance Party Experience. Don’t dent your hair dos. We invite you to your very own Corny Collins Show. Who in your party will have the neatest “Nicest Kids in Town” look? Maybe one of you lucky shakers will win Miss Teenage Hairspray!

Is your music taste a little more urban? Modern Street Dance movies depict VMA Award worthy choreography. If you’re a troupe of hott Honeys who fancy a challenge, why don’t you Step Up to our dance floor. One of our professional choreographers will put you through your paces and have you ready for championships… Bring It On!

Whatever your favourite dance movie or soundtrack. Speak to one of our Personal Event Managers and allow us to design the ideal party theme package for you and team.

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