Top Trending Dance Party Experiences 2018!

Top Trending Dance Party Experiences 2018!

Dance Party Experience is the ​perfect ​party idea for a Hen Party Weekend. Firstly, it is suitable for all ages and abilities; our dances are tailored for a mixed ability group, so no-one gets left behind. What’s more? Your Bride​-​to​-​be gets to dance to ​the music of ​her favourite pop star; Or even re-live her teen years by throwing it back to her favourite song.

Our past parties have told us that a Dance Party was the ideal way to kick off a Hen Weekend, as it breaks the ice and brings the Hens closer​ as they dance together to create their final routine. Not to mention, you now all know a professionally choreographed dance ready to dazzle the Wedding guests at the Wedding reception ;-) And remember, dancing is good for the mind body and soul! Burning calories and releasing happy endorphins all while having fun! Fabulous!

So whilst you deliberate on what Dance Party Experience is right for your Hen Party, we’ve compiled a list of our Top Trending Dance Parties as we head into 2018.

1. Buff Butler​ and Bubbles Dance Party Experience – Every Hen Party needs a few key ingredients: music, dancing, bubbles and boys. That’s why Dance Party Experience have created a totally awesome and exclusive luxury London party package that delivers all the goods! The Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience.​

So which one of our fabulous themed dance experiences will you pick? Will your Buff Butler be Johnny Castle, Danny Zuko, Jay Z or your Strictly Come Dancing fantasy.

To create a sparkling grand surprise; Your delicious Buff Butler will enter your private dance studio, wearing nothing but his dickie bow tie, apron and a smile​.​ And just so we’re clear. YES… he’s wearing nothing but an apron 😉 – so get those cameras ready!

To make the Bride-to-Be feel extra special… he will prowl over to her, twirl her under his bicep and pour her a drink from a bottle of sparkling bubbles, ALL to create that explosive VIP treatment and WOW factor that your special lady deserves! Nothing breaks the ice like a tasty torso serving bubbles. Talk about Royal treatme​nt.​

Next, the fun continues learning your chosen Dance Experience step by step at your groups’ pace, so by the end you’ll be able to bust out the choreography altogether.

We wanna keep on exceeding your ​l​ady’s expectations and make her feel like a SUPERSTAR. Now all the girls know the group dance routine, it’s time for the special partner dance moment between the Buff Butler and the ​b​ride-​t​o-​b​e. Your professional dancing Buff Butler will return and boy does he know how to lead a woman on the dance floor. So don’t worry, your VIP Hen is in good hands.

So go on, treat yourself and the Hens to an exclusive luxury Hen party package that she’ll never forget! But be quick our Buff Butlers are hot property and get snapped up fast!
Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience
2​. Beyonce Dance Party​ ​Experience​​ ​– our Queen Bee parties are legendary. The 20 Grammy Award Winning Megastar, is what every woman aspires to be and her iconic performances and choreography become instant viral hits. That’s why we HAVE to offer a Beyonce Dance Party Experience.

To ignite the party’s sass, we begin with a fun warm up to a medley of fierce dance floor fillers in your own private dance studio. Next, assemble your Beyoncé looks it’s the group photo opportunity​, ​don’t forget to bring your camera girls​! ​Now it’s time to learn those legendary sharp, slick B routines. Rest assured, we will move at the group’s pace.

Need help getting Beyonce’d? ​Plus, free themed accessories for you to ​beg​, ​steal ​or ​borrow. Our flashing light rings have proven a to be a total winner with our parties. If you want to give your Number 1 the total Pop Queen treatment, you can request that she borrows our Beyoncé gold jacket and wig. This gold glitzy number will have your Hen feeling like a headlining mega star and a whole head of Beyoncelicious weave to work that hairography. However, we totally encourage you to bring your own Beyoncé costume pieces too! More is more!

Lest we forget, indeed, Beyonce comes complete with an army, but she’s always the main event. Your Beyonce Dance Party will feature a special solo moment for the star of your party, to make them feel extra Queeny.

Just like Beyonce’s tours, these parties sell out fast! So book your female empowered, Beyonce booty-bouncing party now. Your body will get SMOKING HOTT… so remember to bring Lemonade ;-
3.​ 90s ​& Noughties ​Dance Party​ Experience​ – time flys when you’re having fun! 90s kids are getting married, including your Hen! And she loves throwing it back to her school summer holidays. Our 90s Girlband and 90s Boyband Mash Ups are our office favourites. Whether she fancied Mark Owen or Justin Timberlake? Wanted to rap like Lisa Left Eye Lopez or cause mayhem like Ginger Spice. Our 90s Dance Party Experience brings you the wicked cool sounds of one of music’s best era​s.​

We’ll also throw in FREE face gems for all the hens, for the ultimate 90s Hindi-Pop look!

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic dance down memory lane? So pick up the landline (if you still have one), check no-ones on the dial-up internet (that noise used to drive us bananas) and your personal events manager will help you plan your Retro Poptastic Dance Party.
90's Dance Experience
​​4.​ ​Male Instructor Dance Package​​ – ​We have so many incredible female Dance Party Experience teachers but it turns out​​ ​some of you want your own Johnny Castle to teach you dance.

Collectively, our male dance teachers have a​ppeared on Strictly Come Dancing, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Movie and Secret Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing to name a few! Plus ladies, a lil man​ ​candy is always appreciated on a Hen Weekend!

To give your lady that star treatment, your male dance teacher will include a special dance partner moment; So don’t worry, your bride-to-be is in good hands. Wanna capture the moment forever? Remember your camera to be sure to capture these happy hen party memories. Just maybes don’t show the groom! Unless he wants to learn the dance of course for the ​w​edding ;)

What’s more more? To celebrate this new Exclusive Party Package and to give your Special Girl the real Royal treatment. Your bride-to-be will receive a FREE Flower Crown to make her feel like the Queen she is! Her dashing Prince…I mean Dance Teacher ;) will glide over to her, twirl her under his arm and deliver her a Dance Party Experience flower-coronation-crowning-ceremony like no other.

Your special lady truly deserves this premier party where she will sparkle and dance and dance like a movie star. But be quick! Our talented male dance teachers are Hott property and get snapped up fast!
Male Instructor Dance Package
5​. Face Gems and Glitter ​Makeover ​Dance Party Experience – Look and ​d​ance like a Headlining mega star with this totally unique and radical Dance Party for the mystical hipster hens ;-) This is a London Hen party exclusive and not available anywhere else. We teamed up with the glitter make-up goddesses ‘In Your Dreams’ the ladies behind all the top festival l​ooks​ – they will adorn your faces with their mystical sparkle range before you learn your iconic dance routine. This luxury hen party package begins with a toast of bubbles too!
FG&G pic
So which of our Top Trending Parties tickles your twinkle toes and gets ​your Hen’s happy feet dancing?

Enquire now and see how one of our Dance Specialists ​can make your Hen party, the party she never forgets!

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