The Classic Art Of Tease

The Classic Art Of Tease

Ladies and Gentleman, please take your seats, boy do we have a treat in store for you! Welcome to the Burlesque Dance Party Experience staring… YOU AND YOUR PARTY!

Our Burlesque parties are becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s because women are getting more and more body confident, maybe like any hott show in town, words getting out that our Burlesque Dance Parties really have that je ne sais quoi. Either/or, you girls just can’t wait to learn how to command that male gaze!

If you’ve always wanted to learn the titillating art of Burlesque and tease, this dance party will unlock the Showgirl inside. You’ll also leave with a whole new bag of tantalizing tricks to use at home ;-)Burlesque Dance Experience
What is Burlesque?

Burlesque began as early as the 1600s, where performers and entertainers would mock high society and the elite. Shows would mimic classic plays and operas and create parodies of the original content with song, dance. By the early 1900s the stage saw risqué tease beginning to emerge in the underground, working class revue bars and speakeasies. However, during the prohibition era when alcohol was illegalised, Burlesque faced a huge blow. No drunk punters = no Burlesque ☹

However, in recent decades there has been a rebirth of Burlesque. A new generation, nostalgic to the classic art form. Embodying all the glamour, finesse and sophistication of Burlesque dance. Paying homage to the vintage style and ambience of classic Burlesque. Performers like Dita Von Teese, becoming a modern day Burlesque star and icon.

We have also seen a more commercial/pop dance interpretation of Burlesque to current pop bangers. Where the costume, hair and make-up is more fierce and the dancing is… less subtle shall we say! The Pussy Cat Dolls and movies like Chicago, Moulin Rouge and Burlesque showing audiences how to bring Burlesque into the 21st Century.

So quite rightly, we offer two Burlesque Parties for your pleasure…

The Classic Art of Tease

You’ll be taken through the classic burlesque poses, learning all the bumps and grinds of the stage, sassy walks, shimmies and shakes. Learning Burlesque techniques like the classic seductive glove peeling. You’ll also learn the art of cheeky expression and how performance and characterisation is what makes a star! By the end of class you’ll be centre stage in a spotlight ready ;-)

Being Fierce with Finesse

This class is designed for the girls who want to learn all the sultry and sassy moves, but have come to slay the dance floor. Performed to the show-stopping Show Me How You Burlesque from the movie Burlesque. You’ll merge tease and titillation, with some orgasmic dance choreography ready to hit the bars on party night!

Our Burlesque Party Teachers have all graced the stage as showgirls and have first-spanked-hand experience in how to deliver a demure yet risqué performance with elegance and grace. In fact, they’re appearing in Burlesque shows across London this Spring/Summer. At the very bottom (ooh pardon you sir), we’ve listed some of the hottest Burlesque shows in town!
Burlesque Dance Experience
The Burlesque Dance Party begins in your own relaxed private studio, so you feel comfortable to let loose and lose your inhibitions. The cheeky warm-up will get you better acquainted with your body and what it can do. Now not only have you got your heart racing, you’ve got our hearts racing too! Before we get too engrossed in your party, now is a great a time for a photoshoot, you know, for the show programme, so get your looks in check. We have FREE sexy long black gloves for you all to borrow, but encourage you to bring your own looks too. Whether you want to add a feather boa to some joggers or change into fishnets and suspenders, we salute you girls. Just as long as there’s no lipstick on your teeth!

In the age of social media filters, women are constantly being made to feel imperfect. The Burlesque Dance Party is a celebration of women and beauty. We will teach you how by embracing your naughtiness and adding a touch of glamour, confidence and personality is what makes women sexy. What better way to feel empowered and beautiful than laughing with your girlfriends and learning some dance simultaneously.

This dance party will make even the coyest of mistresses feel Miss Fabulous. Though, we don’t want to take responsibility for unleashing you naughty, flirty, glamour goddesses into the wild. Go easy on ‘em toots!

So ladies, get your nails polished, lips puckered, eyes-lined, lashes glued, cheeks rouged, face powdered, hair sprayed, it’s show time! Tickets for this show sell out fast – so book now so you don’t miss out on the hottest seat in town!

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