Salsa originated in 1970s New York and is heavily inspired by Puerto Rican and Cuban dance. Salsa dancing is an international dance that can be found in cities across the world, with clubs and bars regularly hosting Salsa social dancing events. The aim of this Salsa dance experience is to build confident beginner dancers who are able to enjoy an entire dance on a social salsa dance floor.

Our Salsa Dance Experience will teach you the art of seduction using the sensuality of your body. The tiniest ripples of the arms, winds of the waist, twirls of the fingers, the finesse is in the subtlety. We’ll begin with a warm-up to ensure every surface of the body is awakened and for the tiniest of sensual isolations before moving on to a photo opportunity to capture the Latin Flavour. Now, unafraid to get your slicked hair a little dishevelled, our professional choreographer will guide you through your Salsa class. Focussing on the basic steps and simple technique which creates confident beginner Salsa dancers and refreshes and refines those with prior experience.

The Salsa routine you will learn will be a solo group ​dance with elements of partnering. So whether you’re on a hot date or with some friends, you’ll know how to handle the Salsa dance-floor as a soloist and a duet.

Our Salsa Dance Party will unlock the Latina goddess in you. No matter what your level, you’ll feel empowered through your femininity and physicality and committed to expressing yourself through sultry and passionate dance​. What better way to begin marital life than with a bag of new spicey tricks​.

This sizzling Dance Party is one of the Summer’s best sellers, so order your side dish of Salsa quick before the kitchen’s out!

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All of the studios we use are in the city centres close to the prime party locations.

Our Salsa specialists are located in London, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff & Edinburgh. However, if you cant see your desired party location then please get in contact as we are happy to travel to you. Please enquire.

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1 – 1 ½ hr private lesson
Professionally trained choreographer
Salsa warm up
Sassy Salsa tunes
Salsa dance routine
Private dance studio
Personal Event Manager
Group photo opportunity



Buff & Bubbles Dance Experience


Bespoke lessons are available on request. Enquire now for more information.

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