Buff Butlers, Bubbles, Music & Dancing!

Buff Butlers, Bubbles, Music & Dancing!

Every Hen Party needs a few key ingredients: music, dancing, bubbles and boys. But we know how difficult the logistics can be to get all these things in one room. That’s why Dance Party Experience have created a totally awesome and exclusive London luxury party package that solves all these issues and delivers ALL the goods!

We are taking Hen Parties to the next level with our Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience. The dance party that manages to be suave and sophisticated, whilst cheeky and mischievous. Because every Hen wants some man-candy, but you don’t want the Full Monty in front of your Mother-in-Law ;). With a Buff Butler and Bubbles party, everyone will be grinning and giggling all weekend!
Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience
The Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Experience begins with your Dance Party Teacher leading you through a Warm Up to a mash up of dance floor fillers to get you buzzing, vibing and loosened up… make sure your pulses are racing, because the Buff Butler will be arriving shortly ;-)

To create a sparkling grand surprise; Your delicious Buff Butler ​will enter your private dance studio​, wearing nothing but his dickie bow tie, apron and a smile And just so we’re clear. YES… he’s wearing nothing but an apron! (that mean’s bottom exposed if you still weren’t getting the hint – cheeky monkey emoji) – so get those cameras ready!

To make the Bride-to-Be feel extra special… he will prowl over to her, twirl her under his bicep and pour her a drink from​​ ​a bottle of sparkling bubbles (yeah, like there’s literally sparklers attached to the bottle),​​ ​ALL to create that explosive VIP treatment and WOW factor that your special lady deserves! Nothing breaks the ice like a tasty torso serving bubbles. Talk about Royal treatment.
Bubbles pic!
He will then proceed to pour the remaining guests a flute of Bubbles to toast the Special Lady and her Hen Party. ​Plus your Buff Butler will hand you your FREE party accessories to beg steal or borrow. So hand your Dance Party Teacher your camera phone, and take as many photos and selfies with the Buff Butler​ as you desire. Get uploading girls… #bestdayever @dancepartyexperience

Your followers will be drooling over these pics, only the hottest and Buffest for our Buff Butler & Bubbles​ Dance Parties. Plus, these boys are professional dancers too!
Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Experience
Some of our Buff Butlers​ have performed on the hottest shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Evening of Dirty Dancing, Chicago, Cabaret, X Factor and A listers like Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, Kanye West and many more!

Next, The Buff Butler ​will leave the room (but ​don’t worry, he’ll be back) and​ t​he fun continues learning your chosen Dance​ ​Experience step by step at your groups’ pace, so by the end you’ll be able to bust out the choreography altogether.

We wanna keep on exceeding your Lady’s expectations and make her feel like a SUPERSTAR. Now all the girls know the group dance routine, it’s time for the special partner dance moment​ between the Buff Butler and the Bride-To-Be. Your professional dancing Buff​ ​Butler ​will return and boy does ​h​e know how to lead a woman on the dance floor. So don’t worry, your VIP Hen is in good hands. He’ll also be wearing shoes and black trousers, so his toes and bottom are safe… as are your eyes hehe!!!

Wanna capture the moment forever? Give ​your Dance Party Teacher ​your smartphone or camera (no it’s fine they’re used to it) to video record your final performance including your Bride-to-Be and Buff’s special dance moment. Just maybes don’t show the groom! Unless he wants to learn the dance of course for the Wedding.

So which Dance Experience will it be? We have two top trending Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Experiences:

DIRTY DANCING: The soundtrack is a blend of all the spices that make this movie so hot. “Do You Love Me” and “Time of My Life”. Just like Baby, no-one puts our special girl in the corner, the bride to be will get a dance duet moment with her very own Johnny Castle. We also have flower garlands for you all to borrow to perfect your Kellerman’s Talent Show looks, “hula hana, of Kamana Whala Hula Bay?”.

BEYONCE: What kind of Queen B is your Hen? Does she wanna enjoy her final days as a SINGLE LADY with a Buff Butler ​looking so CRAZY IN LOVE? Or is she the kinda femme fatale who RUNS THE WORLD and can whip her Buff Butler​ into FORMATION? You can choose one of our many Dance Party exclusive Beyonce mash up medley mixes. PLUS you get a FREE accessory – either our signature party pieces, the Flashing Light Rings for all your party to keep. Or our Beyonce glam jacket and wig for your Bride-to-Be to borrow and wear throughout the Dance Party​.​

But remember, you can upgrade any of our themed Dance Experiences ​with our Buff Butler and Bubbles package.

So go on, why don’t you treat yourself and the Hens to an exclusive luxury Hen party package that she’ll never forget! But be quick our ​Buff Butlers​ are hot property and get snapped up fast!

Keep your day stress free and leave the organising to us; bubbles, boogie and a buff butler, we’ve ​got this​!
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