Kids Birthday Parties, A Taste Of Stardom

Kids Birthday Parties, A Taste Of Stardom

If it’s one thing we learnt from Little Mix, Beyonce, Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars, it’s that dancing fever gets you from a young age. Every kid dreams of being famous, so let your child live their dream and be their favourite pop star for the day at their own Birthday Dance Party.

Maybe they want to grow up to be just like their favourite singer? Or perhaps they wanna be one of those awesome dancers in their favourite Kidz Bop music video? Whatever your kids dance dream, we’ve got you covered. Because between the whole Dance Party Experience team, we’ve danced with the biggest names on the biggest stages! They’ll be laughing and grinning the whole time too!

Recipe for fame? Take 4 young girls, add some talent, sparkling personalities, mix it around… LITTLE MIX! Little Mix are just one of the smash hit tracks your kids can choose from. What little one doesn’t dream of living like those totally awesome mega pop lasses for the day? Or have you got a lil soul-dier on your hands? Bruno Mars proves to be another favourite pop icon for the kids. And is it any wonder? Little Mix and Bruno Mars have the hottest music videos and choreography around!

Whilst we’re talking about top trending pop icons, we can’t miss the collaboration of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber! ‘I Don’t Care’ is the most streamed Kids track on Spotify! Along, with Taylor Swift ‘ME!’ (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) Is your kid a belieber or a swiftie? Both smash hit tracks are on our Kids song list for your budding pop stars to choose from.

Otherwise, this might come as a surprise. But kids LOVE Michael Jackson. Thanks to the internet, the King of Pop lives on and so does his catalogue of discography! So if your child really knows their stuff when it comes to Pop history, let them live like MJ, so they can experience that Jacko hysteria that we did! I mean, it’s just not right that they didn’t get to witness the Michael magic. So make their Thriller dreams come true and let them live a bit of music video history.

MJ kids Dance Party

What’s included​ in the Kids Birthday Dance ​Party ​Experience package​?
Your child and their mates get the full pop star treatment with their very own exclusive private dance studio! We’ll send along one of our professional dance party kids teachers who​ ​will teach them an awesome dance floor blazing routine.​ ​Plus pick their favourite tune from our Kids Dance Party song list. But if your child is already a lil Diva and wants to pick their own songs. No bother… just like any good entourage, we meet our Star’s demands. With our bespoke package – they name the song and we’ll create the choreography​ for an additional charge​. A Dance Party Exclusive. We can even do a mash-up of 3 requested tracks! Talk about getting Star treatment! Because when it comes to being a Pop Star – you call the shots!

Your kids’ Dance Party Experience will begin with your teacher leading a super fun warm-up to the latest pop tunes. Rock on! Next your teacher will break down the choreography and move at a pace the whole group can follow. “Because friendship means no-one gets left behind”. All levels are welcome to a Dance Party. The routine will involve a solo star moment for the birthday kid, so their superstar dream comes true as they head line the dance. And we couldn’t possibly throw a birthday dance party without a group chorus of the “Happy Birthday” song. No kid is too old for a round of Happy Birthday!

Kids Dance Party

Our professionally trained Dance Party​ Experience​ choreographers have trained at all the top dance colleges of the UK, some have even trained in LA with the biggest choreographers on the planet. So no matter what the style; ballet, hiphop, contemporary, musical theatre, street jazz, ballroom, commercial – our Dance Party teachers can take your kids from 24 potato to 24 karrott magic!!! Ooops sorry, Dad joke! But seriously, they’ll have the class looking like XFactor dancers in no time, ready to perform their choreographed dance routine altogether for you!

In fact, whilst we’re bragging about our Dance Party teachers; they have danced with Beyonce, Rihanna, Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Ed Sheeran and on the biggest shows like Strictly, X-Factor and the Brit Awards the list goes on – so they really do know what it takes to dance with a superstar. Not only this, they’re CRB checked. So once you’ve dropped them off, you can always go for a Covent Garden coffee (or cocktail – hehe) in peace, knowing the kids are in safe hands, tearing up the dance floor! No grown-up, tearing means looking fierce! Not ruining the dance floor!

Little Mix

After your coffee or cocktail we suggest coming back to the dance studio, with 15 minutes to go on the Dance Party clock, so you can view your budding pop star in their final dance performance. So don’t forget your cameras grown-ups, this is going to be a day they’ll cherish forever. Not to mention you can post to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and share with friends and family across the world! And will prove to be MEGA lols at 21sts and wedding parties!

The best bit about a totally awesome Kids’ Dance Party? You don’t even have to host it, but can still take all the credit for it! WIN!​

You’ll be assigned a Personal Event Manager who will organise all the booking details so you don’t have to. Easy as 1, 2, 3 or maybe 5, 6, 7, 8 hehe!​

A Dance Party Experience is ​the​​ perfect way to make your kids’ ​Birthday​ a real highlight of their childhood.​ ​But be quick, our Kids Dance Party teachers get snapped up fast!​ ​Enquire Now

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