Hott New Party Package :)

Hott New Party Package :)

You only need to tune into Strictly Come Dancing to see just how fantastic a Male Dance Instructor can be. They have those ladies dancing like an 80s Dance Movie dreams in no time! After all, Baby did have Johnny Castle to sort out her spaghetti arms. He got her from Baby to Woman in just ONE summer!

So BRAND NEW for 2018 – Dance Party Experience presents their newest Exclusive London Party Package – The Male Dance Instructor Dance Package! And our Boys are the cream of the crop! Not only have they achieved great things as dancers, they’re fantastic dance teachers too!

All the other super fun elements of our Dance Parties still apply: we begin with a fun warm up of fierce dance floor fillers in your own private dance studio. Next your Man will hand you the FREE accessories you’ve requested for your party and take the infamous Dance Party group photo. Then he will teach you your chosen Dance Party routine at the group’s pace.

What’s more? We wanna help you exceed her expectations and truly WOW her on her big weekend. To give your lady that star treatment, your Male Dance Teacher will include a special dance partner moment; And boy does he know how to lead a woman on the dance floor. So don’t worry, your VIP Hen is in good hands. Wanna capture the moment forever? Remember your smartphone or camera (no it’s fine they’re used to it). Just maybes don’t show the groom! Unless he wants to learn the dance of course for the ​w​edding.
Male Instructor Dance Package
What’s more more? To celebrate this new Exclusive Party Package and to give your special girl the real Royal treatment. Your VIP will receive a FREE Flower Crown to make her feel like the Queen she is! Her dashing Prince/Dance Teacher will glide over to her, twirl her under his arm and deliver her a Dance Party Experience flower-coronation-crowning-ceremony like no other. No really, there is no other.

So which Dance Party Experience do you want your Mr to teach?

Every Sandy needs a Danny Zuko to make the dance electrifying. Remember, it was Brian Friedman that taught Britney Spears the iconic Slave 4 U choreography. Michael Peters was behind the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, not to mention, most of MJ’s signature moves were inspired by legendary jazz choreographer Bob Fosse! And of course, those awesome Strictly Boys that do such a fabulous Dance Instructing job every year.
Male Instructor Dance Package
Where Might You Have Seen Our Male Instructors?

Collectively, our males have achieved some epic stuff! Matt appeared in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast where he played the famous role of Ballroom Dancing Beast, in what might possibly be one of the most iconic dance scenes in cinema history! But he isn’t just leading Disney Princesses around the ballroom floor. Matt also owned the dance floor in Secret Cinema’s Dirty Dancing, where he starred as Johnny Castle – cinema’s most famous Dance Teacher! Still not impressed, he’s no stranger to the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor either. Matt has Ballroom and Latin’ed his hips with the stars! Not just Matt, Callum and Aaron too! They’ve all been shimmying and salsaing on the Nation’s Saturday night favourite! So who better to teach you a Strictly Come Dancing Dance Party?

Well, you could try our Sean? Sean was one of the assistant choreographers on Strictly Come Dancing. So his actual choreography made it onto the show! Not only that, but he helped teach the Celeb and the Professional – so when it comes to teaching a mixed ability group. Our boys have it down!

Two of our males have that 90s Boy band bump and bop down! Callum danced with the 90s Mega Group Backstreet Boys, whilst Adam danced with Britain’s favourite lads, Take That! On The Royal Variety Show and The Brit Awards. So these boys can give you a running man for your money with our 90s Boy Band Dance Party Experience.


We have found the Dirty Dancing Dance Party Experience to be the most favoured Male Dance Instructor Party. The iconic routine you will learn has plenty of special dance partner moment for your Bride and her male. Besides, every girl dreams of having her own Johnny Castle, nobody puts baby in the corner!

Your special lady truly deserves this premier party where she will sparkle and dance and dance like a movie star. But be quick! Our talented male dance teachers are Hott property and get snapped up fast! Keep your day stress free and leave the organising to us. Enquire Now

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