We wanna talk about our two emerging Dance Party trends, the ones that are growing in popularity. Our Bollywood and Hip Hop Swag Dance Party Experiences. More importantly, why is a Bollywood Hen Party and a Hip Hop Hen Party on the rise?

Let’s begin East with Bollywood…

FUN FACT: The name Bollywood, derived from a play on words: Bombay (the former name of Mumbai) and Hollywood. In the 1970s, India surpassed America as the world’s largest film distributor and the name Bollywood was coined.

​Why is Bollywood magical?

It probably comes as no surprise. We love Bollywood for one key reason, the dancing. Bollywood movies love a show stopping number and we love them for loving it too! As well as complex choreography, magical fantasy scenes are key to making a Bollywood movie. Team all this with a catchy melody… Bollywood makes for a total spectacular extravaganza. But where did this wonderful fusion of fantasy dance and music come from?

In the 1940’s the Hollywood musical scene exploded. So by creating something that challenged the Hollywood musical, but with these dance-drama-fantasy influences… Bollywood had created its own stylised genre.

Your Bollywood Dance Party Experience?

It’s no wonder our Bollywood Dance Parties are so popular. Who wouldn’t want to recreate some of that musical melodrama magic. Perfect for a Hen Dance Party. Learn some of the iconic isolations and gestures that make Bollywood choreography so stylised. Wrist whips, shoulder shimmies, hip pops, whether you want 60 or 90 minutes, Dance Party Experience can transport you to a whole new world… Bollyworld. Once your Bollywood lesson is over and class is dismissed, you can take your new moves to the dancefloor.

What’s more, we even have a beautiful collection of Bollywood inspired costumes for you to hire. So your party can dazzle bright like Bollywood stars. This is also particularly handy if you have a busy day of party activities. Hiring costumes means no buying and less baggage carrying for you!

If you don’t want to fully commit to a head-to-toe costume. We have some other simple ways to create your Bollywood Dance Party Experience attire.

Bindis – what once was a traditional piece of Hindi culture, is now a festival favourite. Bindi bloggers are booming. Check out some of our favourites below and create your own Hindi inspired dreamy design. Otherwise, upon request we have FREE bindi’s for your whole party. Again meaning no baggage for you and you can easily remove them and continue with your day.

(Photo Credit: Rowisingh)

Henna Tattoos – another way to transform an everyday look, into a Bollywood sensation. If there’s an artist in your party, ideal. If not, there are loads of affordable henna tattoo transfers available online. Just add water and boom – you’re a Hindi Princess.

(Photo Credit: Rowisingh)

We always shout about our teachers and how incredible experienced they are. So it probably comes as no surprise to learn that some of our Dance Party teachers have appeared in Bollywood blockbusters: Ek Tha Tiger, Desi Boyz, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and many more!


The other thing that we can’t get enough of this Autumn, is The Get Down, NETFLIX’s original series about 70s New York, the blink of the cities’ bankruptcy and the birth of hip-hop! Coincidentally, the series was written and directed by Baz Luhrman. Luhrman also directed musical movie Moulin Rouge and has often talked about his love for the Bollywood genre and how it influences his work.

The Get Down is literally a Hip Hop Bollywood inspired series – no wonder we LOVE it. As mentioned, our Hip Hop Dance Party Experience is trending and we can’t help feel The Get Down has something to do with it. No wonder you all want a Hip Hop Party. Stag, Hen, Sten and Hag. A Hip Hop dance class is perfect for a mixed group!


Hip Hop was born in New York, a subculture movement formed by African-American youths in the 70s. It arose out of the ruins of a post industrious and ravaged South Bronx. The Black and Latino youth felt forgotten and abandoned and began toasting (Jamaican tradition of speaking poetry over music). These toasts evolved into early rapping and MCing and the context were often political and active.


Our Hip Hop Swag Dance Party Experiences celebrates some of the biggest names in Hip Hop. Do you want to Push it Real Good like the 80s? Enter our Hip Hop vault with Salt’n’Pepper. Or maybe you need to relive the Running Man with MC HAMMER? We’ll teach you how to find your funk with that original elecro/rap sound.

If you wanna get down and dirty naughty noughties style, Get Your Freak On and Drop It Like It’s Hott? We’ll have you screaming YEAH, with Hip Hop megastars Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott and Usher.

Or if you have a current chart dominating hip-hopper in mind, be it Beyonce, Rihanna, Pharell or Bruno Mars? We have the beats to get your booty shaking. Click here to see our full HipHop song list.

We really do hate showing off. We talk about our professionally trained dance party teachers a lot. But our dance party teachers have danced with Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Pharell. Who better to teach you to hip hop your buns hun?

No matter who you wanna get down to, we have the tunes for you. But if we bring the flavour, you gots to bring the swag.

Check out our P​interest board for style tips and advice ahead of your Hip Hop Swag Party.

Our favourites include CAKED.CLOTHING for that retro hip hop vibe. Though, be sure to check out ASOS Market Place for other great rap retro finds.

IVY PARK an obvious choice being Beyonce’s range. Not only is it gangster, it’s comfortable to dance in.

We are also totally feeling these snapbacks by So Pink UK…

So whats it to be, Hip Hop Swag or a Bollywood dream? Whether you want to book the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in London. Or need a party closer to home, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath, Brighton, Newcastle, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh Get in touch and we’ll bring the party to you.

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