Strictly DAZZLING!

Strictly DAZZLING!

Ballroom and Latin Dancing has been dazzling our television screens since the 70s! We don’t just mean with fancy-footwork, literally DAZZLING! Have you seen the Swarovski crystals on those costumes?!? We practically need sunglasses to watch!

Though we may be blinded by beads, stones, sequins and the occasional body shimmer glitter. ​Everyone can clearly see just how magical and captivating this style of dancing is.​ We always say “More is More” – ​we even wrote a blog about the art of More! Take a read…

It has been suggested that BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing is responsible for the influx of young men taking up Ballroom and Latin dancing as a hobby. Excellent, because ​we’re Ginger and we need our Fred.

Strictly Come Dancing has proven that Ballroom and Latin is strictly romantic, intimate and if not those, a huge barrel of laughs between friends.

We gush further still, Strictly Come Dancing has used same sex couples on it’s TV show breaking the norms and proving love is equal and Ballroom and Latin is for all. Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, who cares who’s leading, as long as one of the two is!

This is why we feel our Strictly Come Dancing ​Experience is well suited for a Hen Party, Stag Party, Sten Party, Hag Party, a corporate party, a birthday party whatever the party. Whether you’re a group of lads/ladies who wanna learn it solo or a group who wanna get paired up. Our Dance Party Teachers will have you fancy feeting in no time.

Whilst we’re talking about them. Our Strictly Come Dancing teachers are more than qualified. From being dancers on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing itself, to appearing on the UK Strictly Tour and most recently one of our teachers can be seen Waltzing in the 2016 Burberry Christmas Commercial with Sienna Miller.

​So, you’ve decided you want to learn some Ballroom and Latin dance and opted for a Strictly Come Dancing lesson… but now you’re not sure what style you want to learn? Below, we’ve listed the styles we offer and a short summary to help point your feet in the right direction.

Waltz​ Dance Experience ​
It is thought that the Waltz dates back to the 16th century. One of the more classic Ballroom dances, where you glide and swirl through the space, playing with the weight of the body and how it gently ​rises and​​ ​falls. If you want a gentle​ ​dance​​ ​class with grace and poise, Waltz is the one.

Fox Trot​ Dance Experience ​
Very similar to the Waltz, the Fox Trot plays with the long falling smooth movements, gliding through the dance space, only is performed to a 4 count bar. Not a 3. For those not in the know, this simply means you count the dance as 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 not 1,2,3,1,2,3 (like the Waltz). So I guess if you’re more even than you are odd. The Fox Trot could be more for you.

Charleston​ ​Dance Experience ​
Born out of the prohibition era, what started as a simple twisting of the feet, later became a super quick and outrageous high kicking iconic routine. As fashions changed and dresses became tighter around the knees. A new method of keeping the knees together emerged along with fast rhythmic runs. Your Charleston Dance Experience​ will incorporate all of these methods. If you want flirty and fancy, “won’t you Charleston?” – you can also borrow our long black gloves and feather head band ;-)

​Quickstep​ ​Dance Experience ​
The light hearted Ballroom dance, more informal and fun. It evolved in the 20s from a mix of the smooth and gliding Foxtrot and the playful extroverted Charleston. As the name suggests, it is a dynamic dance with quick hops, turns, chasses and plays with momentum. The Quickstep is energetic with sprinkles of syncopation.​​

Salsa​ ​Dance Experience
Salsa originated in 1970s New York and is heavily inspired by Puerto Rican and Cuban dance. Typically, the upper body remains level, while the intense footwork forces the hips to swirl and twist. Seductive and smooth arm, shoulder and ribcage movements help create the sassy Salsa style. If you want a good work out whilst learning the art of flamboyant seduction, add some Salsa to your dish ;-)

Rumba​ ​Dance Experience ​
The slowest of the Latin American dances, sensual and passionate. Iconic for it’s slow-quick-quick tempo, a rhumba dance party will teach you how to be a master of the subtle seduction. Rhumba dance involves large swirls and rocks of the hips as well as flamboyant and captivating arm movements. Salsa at a slower pace if you will, say it with us, “cucaracha”.

Samba​ ​Dance Experience
We’re gonna be frank, the Samba is total Latin Dance lols. It’s constant bounce could make the biggest of grumps grin. Originally an African/Brazilian dance, Ballroom/Latin Samba is just as lively, upbeat and rhythmic. The Samba Dance Party demands a none stop bounce and hip bump. So this is the dance experience for those who really want to get their juices pumping and smiles beaming.

Jive​ ​Dance Experience
“You should be Jive talking” said the BeeGees and they weren’t wrong. Well they kinda were. Because you should be Jive Talking AND Dancing. Jive is performed in triple steps or chasses for those dancers amongst you. It derived from the Jitterbug and Swing dance. Still upbeat, but more of a gentle partner dance for those that want to go fast, at a slower pace ;-)

Rock N Roll​ ​Dance Experience
No, not throwing televisions out of Hotels! The Rock’n’Roll also emerged from the 40s swing movement. Only, it​ got electrifying! Allow your bones to shake-rattle and roll. Cheeky and flirty, bouncy and ballsy. This Dance Party is perfect for anyone who wants to cut loose and get rocking and a rolling.

One thing all​ ​of the dance​ styles have in common… glitter and shimmer​, be sure to embrace the Tina Sparkle look, if it doesn’t reflect light into a spectrum, are you sure you wanna wear it? Check out our Strictly Come Dancing Pinterest board ​for some twinkle tips.

(Photo Credit: SparklePigGlitter)

So how do you like yours? Slow and sensual? Fast but glidey? Bouncy and jokes? Of course if you’re still not certain, give us a call and we’ll guide you towards the style best suited to your​ ​Strictly​​ Dance​ ​P​arty​ Experience​.

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