Cus Dis Is THRILLER!!!

Cus Dis Is THRILLER!!!

Some things just don’t seem to go out of style, they’re as relevant now as they ever were. Michael Jackson’s discography is certainly one of these fine things. And not only has Michael Jackson lasted the test of time, but his music, fashion and passion for dance continues to inspire and influence the world of pop music.

Michael Jackson is definitely a Dance Party Experience favourite and we can see why so many of you want a Michael Jackson Hen Party. We are all about teaching and sharing iconic dance from the world of pop and Michael Jackson’s dance moves couldn’t be more iconic. It’s fair to say his signature MJ dance moves are almost as famous as his songs! From crotch grabbing, to moonwalking, everyone of all ages wants to learn some Michael Jackson dancing, especially, the Thriller choreography and it’s a good one for all ages and abilities, perfect for your Hen Party, Stag Party or Corporate Team Party.

Thriller was Music Television’s World Premier music video and changed the Music Video genre forever. The 14 minute mini-horror movie accompanied the legendary Thriller track that has been voted the most influential pop video of all time for creating the concept of merging filmmaking with pop music. Michael Jackson and choreographer Michael Peters would come to rehearsals dressed as zombies and worked solidly trying to discover a way of dancing like Zombies without it looking comical. And boy, did they create some sick dance moves! Dance moves that just like Zombies, are immortal!

Thriller went on to win plentiful of prestigious awards and accolades and was voted the number one Halloween track by the Billboard charts. With Halloween just around corner, what better time to round up your mates and learn the famous Thriller choreography in your very own Thriller Dance Party Experience.

Those of you that have planned Hen or Stag parties around Halloween, this will make for a super-fun and awesomely timed group activity. In fact our Michael Jackson Dance Parties are up there with our top trending parties – it’s requested all year round, not just at Halloween. And you may think, “well obviously, he had an army of die hard fans and his biggest hits weren’t that long ago” – and this is true, but amazingly, some of our Michael Jackson parties are Kids parties! Kids that were born in the late noughties! It would appear that a whole new generation are as MJ obsessed as the kids of the 80s and 90s. How amazing is that?!? The spirit of Michael lives on….

Before things get too spooky, we begin with a fun warm up to a mash up of dance floor favourites. While your zombie make-up is fresh – let’s grab a group pic! Now, ghoulie zombie faces at the ready, it’s time to learn that iconic choreography, taught by one of our professional choreographers.

We don’t mean to boast, but our Dance Party teachers have appeared in West-End and World Tour productions of Thriller Live, slaying and beating it to the King of Pop’s biggest hits! One of teachers even danced in Chris Brown’s Thriller tribute at the World music awards! So our Dance Party Teachers know how to teach it BAD like MJ did.


The best thing about a Thriller Dance Party, is it’s so easy to costume. Grab some old clothes, fashion bargains or charity shop finds, make some rips and shreds, splash with fake blood. Backcomb your hair with talc, smudge your eyes with black eyeliner and voila! You’ve been Zombified! We have a feeling some of you Hens and Stags may already be part-zombie by the time you get to us. But nothing re-energises you like some killer Thriller!

We also have FREE to use Michael Jackson Thriller statement pieces available for your Michael Jackson Dance Party; Michael Jackson wig (circa Thriller), red Thriller jacket and sequin glove for the King of your party to borrow to perfect the legendary look!

Michael Jackson’s choreography is too spectacular to limit you to just one experience. If you’re more bad-boy than spooky, as well as “Thriller”, our Michael Jackson playlist consists of “Bad” and “Beat It” too. If you want a taste of all three of these iconic routines, we have a Michael Jackson music mash-up of all three tracks for your Thrilling pleasure, coz you know we’re bad!

The Thriller Dance Experience is the dance party fit for a King and no-ones gonna save you from the beast about to strike! Inside all of you is a Killer Thriller and we the Dance Party will unleash yours! This is the Dance Party Experience for a real mixed group. Everyone loves a bit of MJ and the Michael Jackson choreography is super fun and will have you devilishly hyper for a night of thrills.

Not only is the Michael Jackson Dance Party Experience suitable for all ages and abilities, it’s available in all our locations too. So whether you’re a Parris or Prince, or a Janet and Tito we can make a Michael Jackson Party possible.

Now moonwalk your way to a Thriller Dance Party, they sell out fast, so “shamone!” Enquire Now!

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