It always shocks and surprises us that this blog comes around quicker than a quickstep! And whilst it’s tempting to groan about how fast the year has twirled by… we have so much to celebrate again…
For the third time, Dance Party Experience presents its annual #Best of series… and we are thrilled to introduce you to Dance Party Experience’s #Bestof2018
Firstly, we need to rave about our newest Dance Party Experiences – we keep a beady eye on all the latest top trends in pop culture and are always the first Dance Party company to launch the freshest and newest Dance Classes.
#Bestof2018 – Ru Paul Drag Race Dance Party Experience

I mean, we’re fans of the show ourselves, how could we not be? Ru Paul’s Drag Race is the global TV phenomenon that just keeps on growing! Bigger hair, bigger padding, bigger looks and the memes dominate cyber space henny.
The Emmy award winning show has made world famous superstars out of its Drag Queen contestants and has welcomed A-List guest judges like Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Debbie Harry and many many more.
But Ru Paul’s Drag Race is so much more than a televised Drag Show. Its a show that celebrates uniqueness, individuality, self-expression and love. Dance Party Experience totally dances to these waves and as we aim to empower our dancers, it only seemed right that we create a Ru Paul Drag Race Dance Party – so boys, girls, people get lip syncing for your life!!!
We’ve created the Ultimate Ru Paul’s Drag Race mega mix mash up of Ru’s biggest hits! The best bit? Our exclusive music mash ups are yours to keep! So yall can keep on the dancing! Your Drag Queen can borrow our ultra-fabulous candy pink wig and nail gloves too! But this is a Drag Race Party so BRING – THOSE – LEWKS – TO THE RUNWAY!!! One of our Dance Party Teachers was on tour with Pricilla Queen of the Desert, he can teach you how to dance like a Kween. Our next #Bestof2018 is something we’re super proud of!
#Bestof2018 – LGBT+ Dance Party Experience


Now you’re probably thinking, wait… why do the LGBT+ community need their own Dance Party? Isn’t it just the same? Well the answer is… YES! they’re exactly the same. But we kept getting emails and phone calls asking if we deliver Gay friendly, Lesbian friendly or Trans friendly Hen or Stag parties. Yes of course we do!
Dance Party Experience are friends of the LGBT+ community. Whether you’re a Hen, Stag, Sten or Hag weekend or one of our “dress up like Beyonce birthday parties”. We love providing a super fun, safe place for you to Sasha Fierce. More importantly, we just love being part of your special day.
One lucky boy was treated to our luxury Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Package by his Bride tribe – where his own personal buff served his whole hen party a glass of bubbles wearing nothing but an apron. All before dancing a special dance duet with the Groom-to-be. Said Buff went on to win Mr Gay England 2018!!! Now how’s that for a LGBT+ party! “Who Run The World?” Gays!
We didn’t think anything could get hotter than a dancing Mr Gay England wearing nothing but an apron… but then it was announced that Magic Mike Live was coming to London town and we had to turn the office fans on! And being the freshest and sickest Dance Party providers, we knew we had to create a Dance Party Experience to celebrate the arrival of the smash hit Vegas show.
#Bestof2018 – Magic Mike Dance Party Experience

YES to celebrate the arrival of the HOTTEST SHOW IN THE WORLD and to help you truly WOW your Bride-to-Be on her Hen weekend… our new London exclusive Magic Mike inspired Dance Party will totally exceed her expectations! Every girl dreams of having her own Channing Tatum to dance with, so why not gift her one! The best bit, just like Channing, our males are professional dancers, so they know how to lead a woman on the dance floor.
So for the ultimate Girls Day Out in London town, what could be more hunkilicous than a Magic Mike Dance Party followed by tickets to see the Magic Mike show Live at the iconic Hippodrome Casino?
Collectively, our male dance teachers have appeared in X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, The Brit Awards, Strictly Come Dancing and danced with mega stars like Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Backstreet Boys and Take That too! They can teach you how to dance that Brits Have Strictly Got The Sex-Factor (see what we did there) – to an exclusive Magic Mike Mash-Up medley! And remember our music is yours to keep!
Of course as well as creating the latest Dance Parties based on the biggest top trending events in show-business! Some of our classic Dance Party Experiences are proving to be as popular as ever! We’ve literally had hundreds of requests for our chart topping best sellers. Whether it’s for a birthday party, hen party, or just a girls day out in London, Manchester, Bath or Bristol; the following remain our Top 3!
#Bestof2018 – Beyonce Dance Party Experience

B, Bey, Queen B, Sasha Fierce, Yoncé, Mrs Carter. Only Super-Human Goddess Beyoncé is entitled to… well, so many titles. The 20 Grammy Award Winning Megastar, is what every woman aspires to be and her iconic performances and dance routines have become instant viral hits. It’s no wonder the Beyonce Dance Experience remains our top trending and biggest selling!
Some peeps have danced our Beyonce Dance Parties so much, we had to create more exclusive Beyonce Mash Ups! We’ll even send you the medley (that can’t be found anywhere online) after your class FOR FREE!!! – so you can perform your choreographed Beyonce routine wherever you wish! And boy have we received some Beyoncelicious videos from our happy clients.
REMEMBER: when you book a Beyonce Hen Party Dance Class, we’ll throw in some FREE Flashing Light Rings – If he liked it then he should have put a ring on it! FREE gift that you get to keep! BLINGING!
#Bestof2018 – 90s and Noughties Dance Party Experience

Who doesn’t love a throw back? And with 2020 just 365 days away (YES babes! You read that right) – the 90s and Noughties are officially retro! This is your chance to re-live the Friday Night under 18s disco dream or maybe Uni Freshers Week – From Girl Power, to men wearing white linen, they were the decades where music just kept on giving. So let us take you back to a time where Take That were still a 5, Beyonce was a Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears was still at high school.
Our 90s and Noughties Mash-Ups are like something ripped straight from Napster and Limewire (remember them hun?) – so whether you wanna learn some Spicey Girl Power with TLC, Destiny’s child and Spice Girls, that Bad Boy bounce’n’groove with Backstreet Boys, NSync and Take That or slow it down to that bump’n’grind with Usher, Next and Blackstreet. We’ll get the party smashing like a Smash Hits Party.
DPE TOP TIP – the 90s Boyband Mash Up is perfect for the lads on a Stag Party. Some of our Male Dance teachers have performed with Backstreet Boys and Take That, so they can teach you the 90s boy-bop ;-)
Speaking of boys… Dance Party Experience wanted to create the ultimate luxury hen party weekend package – to truly WOW you guys! So we took the key ingredients to a legendary party: music, dancing, bubbles and boys. But we know how difficult the logistics can be to get all these things in one room, but we did it! With the…
#Bestof2018 – Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Package

We took Hen Parties to the next level with our Buff Butler & Bubbles Dance Package. The dance party that manages to be suave and sophisticated, whilst cheeky and mischievous. Because every Hen wants some man-candy, but you don’t want the Full Monty in front of your Mother-in-Law ;). With a Buff Butler and Bubbles party, everyone will be grinning and giggling all weekend!
You can upgrade any of our Dance Parties to the luxury Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Party and you still get your FREE music mash up and FREE accessory too!
If there’s one thing you can be sure of about Dance Party Experience, we LOVE boasting about our wonderful and SUPER TALENTED Dance Party Teachers! So we’d like to dedicate time to some of their awesome achievements this year.
#Bestof2018 – Dance Party Teacher and Buff Butler Phil – winning Mr Gay England 2018! Not only did Philip appear in one of the biggest movies of all time Mamma Mia! Philip does incredible work within the LGBT+ community and rightfully deserves to be crowned Mr Gay England 2018.
#Bestof2018 – Our Louise is never far from the hottest pop stars on the planet. This year she graced the stage of the Brit Awards and the UEFA Championships as she dazzled with Dua Lipa and danced to the chart topping New Rules.

#Bestof2018 – Buff Butler Callum is some seriously hott man candy with some seriously big talent. So it was only a matter of time before we lost him to the prestigious West-End. Callum can be spotted performing in Chicago the Musical, perfecting that exquisite and iconic Fosse style! We look forward to having him back soon, so he can teach all of you that Fosse magic and ALL THAT JAZZ.
WOW – what a year! Thank you to everyone who danced with us in 2018 and we can’t wait to dance with more of you in 2019! And remember, have you got a HOTT idea for a Dance Party Experience? Let us know what you want! And look out for our exciting 2019 launches!

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