W​e can’t believe it’s December again. Already!​ ​Here at Dance Party Experience we have had a super-awesome 2017​.​ ​A​ big thank you to everyone who danced with us this year​, its been awesome hosting you, so many happy memories and five star feedbacks :))))))))

So in the Spirit of Christmas Traditions, we thought we’d compile a Top Hen Party Ideas 2017 and highlight our biggest 2017 Trends and favourite moments. To help you plan a smashing hen party weekend in 2018.

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#bestof2017 – Top Trending Dance Parties – Holding her number 1 spot, our Beyonce Dance Party Experience is still our most requested Dance Party. Of course it is! We were weirded out when a Hen Party asked us if we could do a Beyonce Mash Up without Single Ladies. But it turns out, they already learnt our Beyonce Single Ladies dance and needed a new mash up! Just as well we created a Single Ladies-less Mash Up for this Hen do. Because this happened AGAIN! Our Beyonce Dance Parties are so popular, people have already done them and coming back for more Bey!
Another top trending Dance Party of 2017 was ​y​our Rihanna Dancehall Mash Up. You Hen Parties are wanting less flick-ball-changes and more twerk-flick-booties! Well keep it up because the boomerangs our Teachers are sending us are hilarious! WERK!!!

But it isn’t just the latest hott tracks that ​our​ parties have been requesting. Our 90s Girl Band Mash Up was another Top Pick of 2017. Our Mash Up of smooth TLC, Hip Hopping Destiny’s Child and 90s Spice Girls – Pop at its best!

#bestof2017 – Top Teacher Credits – you’d have to have been asleep for the whole of 2017 if you hadn’t heard us rave about how good our Dance Party Teachers are. And they’ve been hard at work again this year making us proud as punch.

3 of our girls danced at the 2017 Brit Awards with Rihanna and Drake, getting their Twerk on. They were fierce!

Sean was one of the assistant Choreographers on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. He helped create those dazzling, show stopping dances that light up your Saturday night television.

Matt hit the silver screen! He played the role of Ballroom Dancing Beast in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, waltzing with mega star Emma Watson and re-creating one of Disney’s classic dance scenes.
Beauty & The Beast
#bestof2017 – Top Accessory – we love an accessory. The bigger the better. The more the morer! Everything is so much more fun with an accessory. We have spotted a super fun trend… the Balloon! Balloons in super fun shapes, sizes, colours and with personalised messages! We love Balloons because they instantly make every room a whole lot​ merrier. We loved these girls who brought La-la-Land themed balloons for their bespoke La La Land party. So remember, when making your Hen Party Weekend Planning and Ideas lists. Add balloons!!!
#bestof2017 – Top Photo – I mean it had to be didn’t it. One of our Buffs delighting a Gran at one of our Buff Butler and Bubbles Dance Experiences. Like we always say, if a stripper is a bit too much for a family friendly Hen Party – our Buffs give just enough cheek.
Buff butler & Bubbles Dance Experience

#bestof2017 – Top Costume – Another trend we’re spotting… kids that LOVE MJ! I mean, obviously. But how cool that the great, late King of Pop is being introduced to a new generation. One Mum said she doesn’t even know how her son discovered Michael Jackson. But he was insistent on having a Michael Jackson Birthday Party. Here is the lil King.
MJ kids Dance Party
#bestof2017 – Top Hen Party Original Idea – “You’ve got the invitation, you’ve got the right address” – It was going to happen. And we’re glad it did! A LA LA LAND DANCE PARTY EXPERIENCE. As requested, we created a Bespoke La La Land mash up and included that now iconic swooshy dress moment. We were super thrilled the girls committed to the dresses too! How Fabu-lala-lous do they look?

#bestof2017 – Top Trending FREE ​Accessory – this year we introduced our PopTastic Face Gems and boy did you girls love them! They’ve become our top trending most requested accessory. To jewel your face​ &​ instantly turn you into a megababe. A FREE gift that you all get to keep.

#bestof2017 – Dance Party Highlight of 2017 – Because ya’ll loved the face gems so much, we created a Face Gems and Glitter Makover Dance ​​Package​ – we loved working with In Your Dreams’ the guys behind all the top festival looks to bring you this totally unique and exclusive luxury Hen Party Package. You have your faces adorned by their sparkly magical mystical collection, all whilst sipping on a glass of Bubbles. Now you look like superstars, we’ll have you dancing like one too! We know how important it is to really WOW your Bride-to-be and this radical luxury Hen Party Package does exactly that.
Face Gems & Glitter
What’s the hottest Hen party​ for 2018?

We love making Dance Party predictions. This year we’ve had a lot more of our Male Dance Party Teachers lead the Parties and boy do you ladies love it. Not only is it like having your very own Johnny Castle, but he can partner your Bride-to-Be so she feels extra special at her party. PLUS… everyone else gets some eyecandy.
Male Instructor Dance Experience
We always listen to our ladies and endeavour to bring you the hottest, freshest Dance Party Experiences. So stay tuned for an exciting new Dance Party Package launching in 2018!
Enquire now and see how one of our Dance Specialists can make your Hen party, the party she never forgets!​

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