1990’s kids are getting married! ;)

1990’s kids are getting married! ;)

The wait is FINALLY over! The 90s and Noughties have officially entered the Retro phase! Scary that the kids of the 90s and Noughties are getting married. But dig out your Trackies, Chunky Workman Boots, Puffer Jackets and all things gold and neon – the rad wicked cool 90s and 00s are back in Fash! The good news – it’s time to relive your 90s Noughties Teenage dream with a 90s and Noughties Dance Party Experience. Let us take you back to a time when Take That were still a 5, Beyonce was a Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears was still in high school; The perfect Hen Party Idea for the Bride who loves her some Bubble Gum Pop, Slow Jamming R’n’B and Freaky Hippity-Hop.

Why are we all still 90s and Noughties obsessed? Probably the Smash Hits Award Winning Music. Take our 90s Girlband Mash Up for example, where your Hens or Stags will learn the freshest dance moves to a mash up of Super-GirlGroup beats:

TLC didn’t want no scrubs and actually, neither do we! Who needs a guy who sits on his broke ass and hangs out the passenger’s side of his best mate’s ride (Fiesta). WHATEVER LOSER! Destiny’s Child taught us how to be Bootylicous which is one of our Dance Party Experience motos. All people of all shapes and sizes should be able to shake their jelly and feel super sassy and sexy! You’ll leave your 90s GirlBand Dance Party feeling so bootylicous, you’ll need your own hazard lights. Luckily for you, we’re extremely experienced in handling totally bodacious babes like you and your mates. Finally, the 90s Girlband Mash Up concludes with a Girl Power finale of Spice Girls. Because if anything can get you fired up before your Hen Party Weekend Night Out – it’s the spicies!
But HEY – if the Spice is too mild for you – you can book our Spice Girl Mash Up medley of Wannabe, Stop and Who Do You Think You Are to make it extra hot!

A Spice Girl Dance Party Experience is the ultimate Girl Power day out. Which Spice are you? Adidas trackies and a high pony? Platforms and bunches? Posh chic? Combats and Kangol or just flamboyant and skimpy? The great thing about a Spice Girl day of dance, is even Dads know the lyrics and dances. Not to mention, Posh Spice has been spotted at Pineapple Dance Studios.
Spice Girls Dance Party
Another top trending 90s & Noughties Dance Party Experience is our Boyband Mash Up. Filled with all the hottest mancandy from music’s campest era – with more curtain fringes, white linen trousers and bicep tank tops than the whole of Dream Phone! If your Hen was prone to kissing the posters of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Take That… our 90s Boyband Dance Party Experience might just be the naughty 90s Noughties Hen Do she was after! Remember to set your MSN to BRB! Teehee.
Boy Band Dance Experience
Or perhaps one of our newest naughty noughty Britney Spears or Missy Elliott Mash Ups is the dance class for your Bride Tribe. Both these mash ups celebrate the mega icons of the noughties and will teach you their iconic dance choreography – remember how EPIC their music videos were! Those ladies redefined Music Television, our fingers were throbbing from the TRL and Box TV phone ins! Whether you’re a Toxic Slave 4 U waiting to be Hit One More Time, or wanting to Lose Control, Get Your Freak On and Work It! We’ll bring out the Naughty Video Music Awards dancer in you ;-)

If there’s one thing we love more than 90s 00s Music, it’s 90s 00s Fashion, and any excuse for a dress-up! Luckily, the high street is booming with all the best retro pieces, so you don’t even have to think far to throw together an awesome look – check out our Pinterest board for our Rad and Bad 90s Inspiration, Tips and Tricks.

Our suggestions? Embrace your inner Cher and Dionne and dress yourself in Clueless-chic matching tartan combos. Or maybe “virgins who can’t drive?” is more the look you want to channel? Britney definitely reinvented the Catholic School dress – at least this time there’s no teachers telling us to roll our skirts down, “talk to the hand Sir!”

Lest we forget… Claires Accessories. Piercing in a window anyone? Remember, more is more and if you can see flesh… it needs an accessory. Think chokers, neon snog-bands (save ‘em for when the sun goes down), coloured streaks in your hair and GLITTER but make it environmentally friendly (never saw that coming in 1999 did we?) Keep adding glitter until you look like you’re ready for an under 18s Friday night Disco. “Mummmm, can you buy us some Lambrini please?”
90's fashion
And how lucky are you? Booking a 90s Noughties Dance Party Experience now that Sports Chic is back in Fashion. All the stretchy comfy lycras a girl can dream of, perfect for some Bumping and Grinding Hen Party Action.

A ​​90s Noughties Dance Party will have you bouncing off the walls like a tuck shop bag of penny sweets.

Who doesn’t love a nostalgic dance down memory lane? So pick up the landline (if you still have one), check no-ones on the dial-up internet (that noise used to drive us bananas) and your personal events manager will help you plan your Retro Poptastic Dance Party. Enquire now!

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